Industrial Energy Savings

Like most companies, yours probably is always looking for ways to save money so that you can invest it elsewhere. Your compressed air system probably has the solution waiting for you.

Compressed air systems, your most expensive utility, often have the ability to produce vast savings in electrical costs following an Air Power USA air system audit. Not only does “found money” result, but productivity and quality also improve.

How much savings can be extracted from your compressed air system? To establish your estimated annual electrical bill to produce compressed air, use this formula: PC = HP x .746 ÷ ME x BPR x Hours

Energy Calculation1

Calculation example: (2) 250HP compressors / 3 shifts / 5 days per week. Run 1 compressor on weekends during non production.

Energy Calculation 2
Average Cost of Optimization Audit = $5,000 to $15,000 *
* Cost depends on time and expenses. We have reviewed many smaller plants for $2,500 to $3,500 and have handled major products up to $150,000 (savings $1,000,000/year). It is very rare when any single manufacturing plant exceeds $15,000.

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