Compressed Air System Design

The most economical way to have an efficient compressed air system is to start at the beginning. The specialists at Air Power USA can help you design a new compressed air system from scratch, redesign an older system to increase efficiency, or redesign expansion systems to fit into existing systems.

All manufacturing plants can benefit from having a specialist in compressed air involved during the design phase. Oftentimes, engineers who execute plant designs may be great when it comes to general engineering, but are lacking experience in compressed air systems. Most design firms don’t generally have compressed air specialists on staff because it is a small part of their overall business. However, some very small mistakes related to compressed air system design could result in major losses of time, productivity and efficiency.

The professionals at Air Power USA measure and troubleshoot compressed air systems every day. We know what works and what does not work. Many of the systems we encounter in the field have problems due to incorrect piping, false pressure signals to the controllers, high-pressure loss, high velocity and turbulence to the system. Any of these problems can lead to thousands of dollars in lost energy. Because we are not aligned with any equipment manufacturer and take no part in the sale of any compressed air equipment, we can assist our customers in evaluating and making honest recommendations for the components that are right for your operation.

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